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Star Tech. Com 80X25MM Ball Bearing Quiet Computer Case Fan With TX3 Connector FAN8X25TX3L (black)

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Star Tech Com 80X25MM Ball Bearing Quiet


Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

Want to buy 80mm case fan? The Star Tech. Com 80X25MM from Startech.com is a superb fan! One of the several best characteristics for this product is the built-in tachometer allows for easy monitoring of the fan performance. Other highlights include things like 3-pin connector with tachometer wire and dual ball bearing design. The color of these 80mm case fans is black. The 80mm case fan dimensions are 7.28" Height x 6.14" Length x 1.1" Width. It weighs approximately 0.24 lbs. The warranty these 80mm cooling fans come with is 2 year warranty. Star tech. com 80x25mm.

ASIN: B00006B8E0


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