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Evercool Rifling Fan 80MM Frame 92MM Blades Model RF-8

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Rifling Fan 80MM Frame 92MM Blades Model


Frequently you will get more affordable prices by purchasing on the net than you would in actual stores. Increase your personal computer's abilities by adding the Rifling Fan 80MM Frame 92MM Blades Model by Evercool. The 80mm case fan weighs somewhere around 0.7 lbs. Best deal on Rifling Fan 80MM Frame. To take advantage of the low price I found, check out the market add to shopping cart button below.


Evercool 80mm Rifling Fan Powerful and Silent! Mounting Dimension: 80mm x 80mm x 25 mm Overall Dimension: 95mm x 95mm x 25 mm Rated Voltage : 12VDC Bearing Type : Ever Lubricate Long Life bearing Airflow: 24. Model No: RF-8 Color: Gun Metal Black 3 pin Connector 4 Pin Molex Pass Thru Adapter Included! 4 cfm Life Time: Over 40000 hr Speed : 1500 ± 10% RPM Connector: 3 pin + 4 pin Molex Noise : 17 d BA"Rifling"is the process of creating helical grooves in the barrel of a gun or firearm, which imparts a spin to a projectile around its lengthy axis. This spin serves to gyroscopically stabilize the projectile, improving its aerodynamic stability and accuracy. It is this theory that was used inside the style of this fan to produce a higher pressure airflow system. 92mm fan blades in an 80mm frame!


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