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Top Motor DF1212025BH-3/4G 120X120X25MM 12 Volt 2 Ball Bearing 2600 Rpm 0. 65 Amp 7. 80 Watts 96. 00 Cfm 4. 80 MM/H2O 42. 60 D Ba 3 And 4 Pin Wire Combo Cooling Fan

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DF1212025BH34G 120X120X25MM 12 Volt

Top Motor

It's well known how terrific and simple it can be purchasing on the net. Doing your research for a 80mm cooling fan? Check out the DF1212025BH-3/4G 120X120X25MM made by Top Motor! DF1212025BH-3/4G 120X120X25MM is a type of excellent fan you'll find on the web. In case you are thinking of buying this item, you've come to the ideal place. Our company offers you unique discounts for this excellent product with secure financial transaction. The feature attributes include top motor df1212025bh-3/4g, 1-year warranty and new - retail. The fan weighs about 1 lbs. The bar code, also known as the International Article Number for this is 0112039984425. Df1212025bh-3/4g 120x120x25mm 12 volt. For additional details on this fan, click on the market button on this site.



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