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Logisys CCF80RD Red Led 80MM Bearing Case Fan With 4 Pin Connector

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CCF80RD Red Led 80MM Bearing Case Fan


Package Quantity: 1

CCF80RD Red Led 80MM brought to you by Logisys the best possible 80mm cooling fans up-grade. Among the many best features for this fan is the logisys ccf80rd red led 80mm bearing case fan with 4 pin connector. Other highlights include things like new - retail and logisys ccf80rd. The 80mm cooling fan has got a weight of 2 lbs. The part number for this is CCF80RD.


Round CCFL spec Diameter of Round cold cathode 8cm Input voltage 12V Output voltage 620V Power compsumption 2. 73CFM Rotation Speed 2700RPM Noise Level 28d B (A) 2~13. 005A Brightness 28,000 cd/m² Fan spec Bearing Type sleeve Fan Dimension 80*80*25mm Rated Voltage 10. 8VDC Current Draw 0. 13A Power consumption 1. 56WATTS Air Flow 31. 4watts Current draw 0.


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