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Nexus 80MM Pwm Series Real Silent Case Fan (SP802512H-03PWM)

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80MM Pwm Series Real Silent Case Fan


Color: Translucent
Package Quantity: 1

The translucent, 80MM Pwm Series Real Silent Case Fan is a nice product for the system. The color of these fans is translucent. I feel you will like that the item comes with connector: 4-pin pwm motherboard power connector. Additional features consist of air flow: up to 38 cfm, fan size: 80x80x25 mm and fan speed: 1000 ~ 2800 rpm. It's 0.98" Height x 3.15" Length x 3.15" Width. It weighs around 0.17 lbs, add to cart by selecting the weblink below.


Nexus has lead the market place for actually a few years with their BASIC series silent fans and have finally released a PWM version. Nexus has strived to set them up with the best possible characteristics. Excellent performance and extreme low d B (A) ratings is guaranteed. All of their expertise and experience is put in these PWM fan models.


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