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Cooler Master 80MM Led Case Fan Blue - (TLF-S82-EB)

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80MM Led Case Fan Blue

Cooler Master USA, Inc.

Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

The 80MM Led Case Fan Blue by Cooler Master Usa, Inc. is an awesome 80mm case fan. TLF-S82-EB-GP is the product number for this exceptional product. The color for these fans is black. One of the key attributes for these fans is the transparent wires make it better looking. Other highlights consist of higher transparency and brighter led and ultra silent 22 d ba. The 80mm cooling fan dimensions are 25" Height x 80" Length x 80" Width. To buy this product now at the cheapest price, visit our partners via the link.

ASIN: B0009SY9K0


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